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Aviation Industry Solutions

The Aviation Industry is a flurry of movement, travel, logistics, and of course, transportation. With so many people and items to be transported from one place to another, airports and airlines require solutions that will keep the system seamless and organised. Identification solutions are important pillars of this industry, and YNF caters to your exact specifications.

Thermal Baggage Tag

We offer top-notch thermal baggage tags that are compatible with all baggage tag printers and numerous approved materials, as per IATA Reso 740 and IATA 1740a standards.

Baggage Tags

The baggage tags we provide include interline baggage tags, limited release tags, rush tags, point to point tags, all for complete baggage ID solutions.

Special Purpose Tags

These tags are important for segregation and include a variety such as approved cabin tags, crew tags, cabin class tags, flag tags, and name tags.

RFID Baggage Tags

Made according to IATA RP 1740c, UHF Gen2, 860-960, and Mhz global coverage, RFID baggage tags help organize passenger baggage while keeping tabs on lost luggage.

Boarding Passes

A crucial component of any airport and to board any flight, we offer tailored solutions for boarding passes, such as ATB Boarding-Passes Single / Wallet, Manual Boarding-Passes, Kiosk Boarding-Passes on rolls (CUSS) and more.

Security Stickers

We help keep airports as safe and secure as possible in all relevant areas such as baggage screening, aircraft door seals, and spare-part labels.

Aviation Labels

These labels help airports and aviation companies organize names, meals, and cargo. Our cargo labels are per IATA 606, and we also provide name labels, catering labels, meal-cart labels, and special meal labels.

In-flight Items

We print on in-flight items such as cutlery sleeves, safety cards, do not disturb stickers and more, customizing them according to your brand.

Aviation Stickers

Our team provides ultra-removable “before” flight stickers for UM pouches, seat charts for manual boarding procedures, and a large variety of printed material.

Revenue Documents & Other Forms

To make your documentation process as smooth as possible, we have several solutions such as Airway Bill (AWB) and Excess Baggage Ticket (EBT) creation as per IATA 742, manual passenger tickets as per IATA 720 standards, Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) as per IATA 725, Flight Interruption Manifest (FIM) as per IATA 735e, A4 size and ticket size, and other forms on request

Eezeetags & Self-Adhesive Lineless Tags

These tags are specifically created for self-service baggage drop to make a passenger’s airport journey smoother. Its adhesive doesn’t stick permanently onto bags, clothes, or the floor, making it easy to remove.

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