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   Auto ID is an integral part of the tracking network. They automatically scan RFIDs and make the smooth functioning of goods and services possible in a new era. It essentially refers to a broad spectrum of technologies that assist machines to identify objects in the quickest way possible. YNF has a large catalogue of Auto ID solutions for your company.

Barcode Printers

We offer pressure-sensitive labelling that is versatile and can be printed on any material. Moreover, barcodes can be customized according to your desired shape and size.

Barcode Scanners

Our scanners can immediately identify a code and can update your inventory in real time.

Laser Marking

Marking directly on certain areas is a permanent solution and a secure way to ensure that your products and materials don’t lose their identifier

Label Applicators

Without label applicators, RFID would have limited uses. We have an array of label applicators, print and apply systems, right from economically priced to high-speed servo driven label solutions

RFID Solutions

At the core of what we do, our innovative RFID solutions harness the power of electromagnetic fields to automatically identify tracking tags on products, labels, papers, and beyond.

EAS Tags

These tags are usually made from plastic, but sometimes are in the form of a sticker or label, and they leverage electronic article surveillance (EAS) tech to automatically alert stores if an item’s been stolen.

Variable Data Printing

We have solutions that help you personalize everything you are printing in a single process , saving you time and resources. We have solutions that help you personalize everything you are printing in a single process, saving you time and resources.

Metal Tags

Identification and tracking tags engraved in metal for a more permanent, durable solution.